Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Romance Blog Links

I've started doing the round up again! I'll try to get to it at least once a week from now on, but "real life" reserves the right to intrude. ;)

The Naughty Notebook goes missing and Daisy Dexter Dobbs experiences that moment of sheer terror familiar to anyone who's ever written smut then temporarily misplaced ther notebook-du-porn. It turned out all right in the end, but my heart was in my throat for her.

Double Standards when it comes to men and women was the topic of the day (a few days ago) over at Karin Tabke's Blog.

This one's gotten a lot of play in the blogosphere so I'd be remiss if I didn't point you in the direction of Paperback Writer's Ten Industry Honors that Writers would like to Award.

At Writeminded, Jan Kinney discusses the difficulty of avoiding distractions, and how they're often more difficult to fend off when you don't have a "Real Job" (aka something with a commute).

Over at Dear Author, What New York Publishers don't get about Romantica is an intelligent, frustrated essay on the problems that one Romantica fan sees as the NY publishers start trying to market Erotic Romance and find their wobbly legs. A great overview of the situation as it stands.

Two great articles on getting the damn novel written from Diana Peterfreund's site. The first on why It's important to complete that first novel (and how to know when to ditch your non-firstborn WIPs). I read that and an earlier post she referenced A with Julie Elizabeth Leto's advice on getting it written, and this may be hyperbolic, but it subtly changed the way I look at the path from here to published.

And finally, there's a fascinating post by Monica Jackson about race, a publisher of African American romances with shady practices, authors putting up with (and addressing) said practices, and how the three intersect. PW addresses Genesis Press non-payment.


At 2:55 AM, September 21, 2006, Anonymous Monica Jackson said...

I removed that post temporarily because of reports of the owner threatening authors.

Thanks so much for your help in getting the word out.


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