Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Writing with a Day Job and other ruminations...

Not directly romance related, but found via Galleycat, David Louis Edelman analyzes the effectivness of various methods of self-promotion, five months after the publication of his first novel. Interesting stuff.

Over at Romancing The Blog, Jordan Summers discusses the narrowing and broadening of her reading list, and the benefits of reading outside of one's favorite genre.

At Storytellers Unplugged, a wide ranging but fascinating post by Richard Danski about deadlines, genre and catching your breath.

Super Librarian has found quite a few keepers this year, but bemoans the fact that "everything in between those gems has been blah, or worse - so annoying that I wanted to ram an ice pick through my frontal lobe." and points to a lack of emotional intensity in many of these recent reads.

SB Sarah at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books rejoices over a call for papers for a book of critical essays on Jennifer Cruisie's novels.

And finally, Alison Kent blogs about getting a day job again.


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