Thursday, October 12, 2006

Romance Author Stuff and Things

Just a quick dash around the blogosphere this morning. :)

Diana Hunter on chilling real life perversions of the BDSM dynamic and how they make her think about her own BDSM themed books.

Patrice Michelle revisits old loves, or rather, the WIP under the bed.

Two posts by Diana Peterfreund that caught my eye are one asking if readers notices who publishes what they're reading and another with 13 of her favorite plots (mostly romance).

A promsing new industry blog, Miss Read, reminds writers that yes, the industry folk have the internet too and are listening, and suggests you refrain from badmouthing your editors/agents/etc if you don't want to get blacklisted. Good advice.

The internet is forever, and don't you forget it.

I found the above post via Bernita Harris's blog, in this post. She's got a number of thought-provoking posts worth checking out, though, including this one on ultimate writer burnout.

And over at Magical Musings we've got the question of the fine line between bastard and irredeemable, unsympathetic asshole, found via Milady Insanity's response Sociopaths are not redeemable.

That should do you for a while.

Smart Bitches were mentioned obliquely in the New York Times.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So. Deeply. Wrong.

I'm going to give you a link. I'm going to give you a number of warnings, and you're going to pay attention, and don't come crying to me if you're scarred for life.

The following youtube link is:

  1. Not safe for work...well, technically, it is. But it's really, really not. Really.
  2. It involves sound, which you must have to get the full effect.
  3. Stars a number of tickle me elmo dolls.

Did I mention it's really not safe for work or the kiddies? Disturbing, yet the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

You've been warned.

Tickle me harder

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Erorom in the wilds of bloglandia

Instead of links from the list to your right, today I've got a bunch of erotic romance themed links culled from a few minutes with Enjoy.

Yes, mom. I write romance. Over at The Novelty Girls, Crystal Jordan discusses the issue involved in announcing to the world that not only do you write "those novels" but you write the "dirty" kind as well.

For those who voted "hell yes" in the recent Romantic Times poll on Man/Man romances, there's "new monthly newsletter for thirty (plus) of the hottest authors of male/male erotica and romances worldwide."
Our authors include: Evangeline Anderson, Kayelle Allen, Lena Austin, Mardi Ballou, Laura Baumbach, Ally Blue, James Buchanan, Kirby Crow, Kay Derwydd, Vincent Diamond, Leigh Ellwood, Erastes, Renee George, Fiona Glass, Sedonia Guillone, Nathan James, Timothy Kelley, Jourdan Lane, JL Langley, Marguerite, William Maltese, Renee Manley, D.J.Manly, Sean Michael, Willa Okati, S.A.Payne, CB Potts, Luisa Prieto, Nigel Puerasch, M.L.Rhodes, Kira Stone, Julia Talbot with the talents of graphics artist Deana Jamroz.

Mmmmm, manlove. Good times.

And over at Phaze, we've got a Robin Slick's call for submissions for an erotic romance anthology, "39 and Holding...Him - Stories of Sex Over 40". They're looking for 5-15k sized stories starring heroines aged 40 and over. You've got some time. Submissions are due June 1, 2007.

Insert Banging Here - Do people actually write like that? "Insert banging here" and get back to the plot? Disturbing thought. Then again, I have read more than one "romantica" book lately (both print and ebook) that read like that.

And one from our link list, a thoughtful post, as usual, from "Teach Me Tonight" on variety of different preferences in romance, particularly regarding what's erotic.

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