Sunday, February 11, 2007

Word! To the Nth Power

From Mrs. Giggles

However, I don't find many ebooks that succeed in describing the erotic sensations of the sex act. Many of them are so perfunctory and half the time I'm convinced the author has no idea what goes in actual BDSM play when she writes such a scene because these BDSM love scenes follow the same old pattern from ebook to ebook, kinda like a bunch of virginal schoolgirls adopting another virgin schoolgirl's description of sex play to be incorporated into their own fanfictions. Same with threesomes. I laugh when an author describes a threesome simply as two men waiting for turns to get at the heroine.

I don't think I've ever seen my issues with a lot of crappy erotic romance put so succinctly.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Romance fiction blogs

  • From Storytellers Unplugged, discussion of Writing and ADD as it applies to paragraphing from page turners like Dean Koonz.

  • The ever-sassy Smart Bitches talk about if romance novel conventions were venereal diseases.

  • Stupid writer tricks to avoid from Deep Genre.

  • Literary Agent discusses how to write the superb short synopsis and long synopsis.

  • Sharon at Writeminded discusses the inviolable HEA expectation and what happens when mislabeling throws that off. This was in reaction to this post on the same topic from Dear Author.

  • Over at the always intelligent Teach Me Tonight, they discuss paranormal romances,

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